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Send gifts worth keeping and you'll be remembered forever.

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Gifts worth keeping...

If you send someone a gift worth keeping, you and your company will be remembered forever. It's that simple. Every time your prospect sees your gift in their home or office, they will think of you! That's a good thing.

Your company will stay front and center for several weeks and be seen (and discussed) by the very people you're trying to reach.

Prospecting that's appreciated.

How many forms of advertising can you think of that are actually appreciated by the prospect?

People hate pop-up ads, they despise cold calls, direct mail (aka junk mail) gets pitched directly in the trash and email marketing (aka spam) is the bane of modern society.

On the other hand, everyone loves gifts. They are always appreciated!

Economical & Memorable

Based on recent studies, modern humans are exposed to over 5,000 (yes, five thousand) advertisements per day. It's becoming more and more difficult (and expensive) to get people's attention.

Gifts, on the other hand, break through the digital noise. They stand out. They get noticed. And, gift notes always get read. Your company's message and logo will stay front and center for years!

"Get noticed. Get talked about. With zero effort!"
-The Gift Goose
These treats were provided by...

Send a snack box with a custom note card and your marketing materials inside. Your custom note card will contain your message, your company logo, your social media information and anything else you want to include.

We include a variety of yummy treats and snack so that your company's logo will remain in your prospect's office for several weeks. All the while, everyone sees your company logo and a description of your services multiple times a day - EVERY DAY!

In many cases, our handcrafted wooden snack box with your engraved logo will remain in your prospect's office for several years because the box is unique, well made and useful for storing and displaying break room snacks. Plus, it's too nice to throw away!

Be a Class Act

The sender of a gift is always seen as a "class act" and worthy of referrals, opened doors and new contracts. That's why The Gift Goose is the secret of some of the world's more influential people and companies.

Remember, it's the thought that counts, not the effort. Once you set The Gift Goose in motion, you'll never have to think about gifts again. We will have you under our wing.


"Improve your relationships, sales, referrals, repeat business and positive reviews. We create WOW moments people will remember and tell everyone about."
- The Gift Goose

The Gift Goose
The Gift Goose

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