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How much does The Gift Goose cost?
  Just the price of your individual gifts. Simple. No other charges apply.
Can we send our custom gifts one single gift at a time?
  Yes. Absolutely. That is what The Gift Goose is designed to do.
Can we send our gifts directly to the recipient's address?
  Yes. That is exactly what we do. We can even automate it!
Can The Gift Goose really automate  ANY  gift idea?
  YES! Our software allows us to design and deliver any gift idea you can dream up. This even includes ordering specialty items from other vendors and presenting them in your own custom designed gift boxes. Whatever you want, The Gift Goose can deliver. No limits.
Can I use your curated gifts just the way they are?
  Yes! You can certainly use our gift ideas just they way they are. Using our curated gifts also allows you to get started more quickly. The beautiful thing about The Gift Goose is that later down the line, if you decide to add more personal touches to your gifts, we can accommodate them! No limits.
Can we customize gifts with our company logos?
  YES! You can customize any gift any way you want -or- design your own gifts from the ground up. You can include your business logos, social media handles and customized messaging. You can even include your company literature!
How quickly will my gifts be delivered?
  Gifts are typically prepared and mailed within 24 hours. The only exception would be if a special order is required.
Are shipping costs included?
  No. Shipping costs are not included because we ship gifts around the world and shipping costs vary significantly. Shipping within the continental United States usually costs between $1 - $13. Shipping costs are determined by the size and weight of your gifts.
Can you ship gifts internationally?
  Yes. We can ship gifts internationally. No problem.
How does billing work?
  There are two options for billing. Option 1: At the end of each day, we bill you for all the gifts that were shipped that day in one summary bill. Option 2: We can do roll-up billing and include multiple weeks of gifts on one invoice for easier accounting.
Can you integrate with my existing software?
  YES! We have a myriad of ways to integrate The Gift Goose with your existing software. Your existing workflow will not change at all. Your software will automatically notify us behind the scenes when it's time to ship a gift. You won't even know The Gift Goose is there.
Can we automatically trigger gifts on important dates?
  Yes! We call them gift sequences. You can trigger gifts on birthdays, contract renewal dates, work anniversaries, purchase dates, etc. You determine the dates and the gifts and The Gift Goose will do the rest.

"Improve your relationships, sales, referrals, repeat business and positive reviews. We create WOW moments people will remember and tell everyone about."
- The Gift Goose

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