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"There is no excuse for sending a generic gift." -The Gift Goose

If done right, gifts can improve your relationships, your brand and your bottom line.
What will The Gift Goose design for you?  
Improve Your Brand  &  Your Bottom Line

If done right, gift can do more than demonstrate caring and generosity. Gifts can also enhance your brand, differentiate you from the competition and generate word-of-mouth. Whatever it takes to design a gift that represents you well, The Gift Goose will get it done with zero effort required by you. Below are some real-life examples of custom gifts we have automated for others.
Branded Gift Boxes

Branded Shipping Boxes

Personalized Gifts

Artful Touches

Handwritten Notes

Custom Note Cards

Critical Network Solutions, Inc.

Critical Network Solutions is a technology managed service provider who wanted to welcome their new clients in style. So we automated multiple gifts for them. Some gifts go to the office staff to be shared in the breakroom and some gift go directly to the owner of the business. We have also automated client appreciation gifts that are sent out at random times throughout the year just to show clients they are valued and appreciated.

V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc.

V.I.P. Mortgage wanted to automated custom gifts to be send out to their mortgage clients and specific milestones of the mortgage process (pre-qualification, contract, approval and closing). The custom gifts are automatically triggered by their software on these milestones and The Gift Goose takes care of the rest. It's completely automated!

The Brooks Team, Inc.

The Brooks Real Estate Team prefered to deliver handcrafted wall signs after their client's new home closings. The Gift Goose delivered.

The Amy Ryan Group, Inc.

The Amy Ryan Group wanted to be automated gifts to their real-estate clients throughout the home buying journey. They wanted to send practical gifts that were closely syncronized and tailored to each step of the process. Gifts after initial meetings, listings, loan closing and automated follow-up gifts for years down the line. The Gift Goose came through.


"Improve your relationships, sales, referrals, repeat business and positive reviews. We create WOW moments people will remember and tell everyone about."
- The Gift Goose

The Gift Goose
The Gift Goose

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