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FREE Gift Box Program

Every gift you send with The Gift Goose helps to fund a free gift for a young person arriving at a transitional living facility (homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, group homes, etc.).

Upon arrival at a facility, the young person is given one of our gift boxes to provide some distraction, fun activities, reduce anxiety and occupy their time. Our gift boxes contain a variety of fun and educational items including: activity books, school supplies, action figures, puzzles, a set of earbuds, a few treats and access to helpful resources.

Our goal is to give each young person a reason to smile and a respite from the adversity they face. For many of these young people, our gift box is the only gift they will receive for many years and the gift is typically delivered at an important time in their lives.

When you use The Gift Goose to deliver your gifts, you are directly responsible for lifting the spirits of a young person who needs a reason to smile. Thank you!

About Robyn

Prior to founding The Gift Goose, Robyn Williams was an art teacher at a private school. However, her passion has always been giving gifts. You could even say that giving gifts has always been Robyn’s love language. Eventually, Robyn then decided to put all her energy and effort into growing The Gift Goose full time. She enjoys finding unique artisan items to create beautiful gifts for her clients paying close attention to detail, color scheme, and functionality. Robyn believes great customer service is the perfect way to build brand awareness and customer loyalty and enjoys working alongside clients who share the same desire to woo their customers with amazing gifts.


If you would like to donate to our mission, we suggest sending a gift to a friend or colleague, and in the gift note just say you are sending the gift to help fund our mission. That way more people benefit from your generosity and you help spread the word about what we are doing.


"Improve your relationships, sales, referrals, repeat business and positive reviews. We create WOW moments people will remember and tell everyone about."
- The Gift Goose

The Gift Goose
The Gift Goose

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