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FREE Gift Box Program

Every gift you send with The Gift Goose helps to fund a free gift box for a child arriving at a transitional living facility (homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, group homes, children’s hospitals, etc.).

Upon arrival at a facility, the child is given one of our gift boxes to provide some fun activities and to occupy their time.  Our gift boxes contain a variety of fun and educational items including: activity books, school supplies, action figures, puzzles, a set of earbuds, a few treats and a note of encouragement.

Our goal is to give each child a reason to smile, a respite from the adversity they face and some much needed encouragement.  For many of these children, our gift box is the only gift they will receive for years and the gift is typically delivered at a crucial moment in their lives.

When you use The Gift Goose to deliver your gifts, you are directly responsible for lifting the spirits of a child who needs a reason to smile. Thank you!

Our Story

The Gift Goose was founded by a husband and wife team (Ryan and Robyn Williams).  Prior to The Gift Goose, Ryan spent 24 years in the corporate world.  Most of those years were spent owning and growing a technology company which he sold after 17 years.  Robyn, on the other hand, was an art teacher who loved design and gift giving.  After the sell of Ryan’s technology company, Ryan and Robyn wanted to work together to build a fun company that also made a difference.

Over the years, the couple had spent time volunteering with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and in a local domestic violence shelter.  These experiences made the couple aware of the adversity facing many of these children.  This awareness is what lead to The Gift Goose’s philanthropic mission of providing free gift boxes (and smiles) to children facing difficult circumstances.

Ryan used his software engineering background to design some unique software that automates the on-demand delivery of customized business gifts.  And, Robyn used her art and design skills to craft gifts that people loved.  And thus… The Gift Goose was born.


"Improve your relationships, sales, referrals, repeat business and positive reviews. We create WOW moments people will remember and tell everyone about."
- The Gift Goose

The Gift Goose
The Gift Goose

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