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Create an experience your customers will tell others about.

( no effort required )
Cut Through The Digital Noise

How many emails do your remember from last week? Probably none. Gifts break through the digital noise. They make you stand out. They get noticed. They get remembered. And, gift notes always get read. If you have something to say, say it with a gift.

Also, remember, that gifts don't have to be expensive to get noticed.

increase in response rates
return on investment
Get More Referrals

The Gift Goose can include your custom referral incentives with each gift.

You can send your customer a Thank You gift and offer a referral incentive at the same time. Each custom referral card can be tailored to your business and your referral incentives. It’s perfect.

Then, after your customers start giving you referrals, we can then automate your referral Thank You gifts so your referral always sources feel appreciated and continue to send you more referrals in the future.

You can just sit back and let the referrals roll in. The Gift Goose will handle everything for you!

Get More 5 Star Reviews Than Your Competitors

You’ve probably heard that reviews are important to your business. Have you done anything lately to increase your reviews? If you don’t have several recent reviews, you’re probably losing out on web traffic, local customers, and overall sales.

The Gift Goose has proprietary technology that sends ONLY happy customers directly to your review sites when they receive your gift. What better time to ask for a review then while they are holding your gift in their hand!

of people read online reviews before making a purchase.
of people are more likely to purchase from you if you have a five star rating.
Always Say Thank You

Showing gratitude and appreciation is a lost art. We should never miss an opportunity to tell people we appreciate them. However, instead of saying “thank you” with words (which people barely notice), send people a personalized gift and your generosity will be remembered forever!

One reason people don’t send Thank You gifts, is because gifts take time and people are busy. That’s the beauty of The Gift Goose. The Gift Goose makes gift giving easy so even busy people can send gifts and show their appreciation. You’ll brighten people’s days, you’ll build loyalty, and you’ll be viewed as a “class act.”

Be Remarkable

That is... be worth making a remark about. That's how word-of-mouth gets started and word-of-mouth is the most effective marketing there is.

Be Viewed as a Class Act

The sender of a gift is always viewed as a "class act" and worthy of referrals, opened doors and new contracts. That's why The Gift Goose is the secret of some of the world's more influential people and companies.

Remember it's the thought that counts, not the effort. Once you set The Gift Goose in motion, you'll never have to think about it again.

Gift's don't have to be expensive to be remarkable.

Can Gifts Be A Competitive Advantage?

Gifts help you stand out, they show gratitude, they create goodwill, they build loyalty, they demonstrate generosity, they generate word-of-mouth and they brighten people's day. So, why don't more people send gifts? ...because gifts take time and people are busy.

The Gift Goose makes gift giving effortless. You choose your gifts just once. Then, you can send your gifts to anyone at any time using a simple email as the trigger. You can even automate the emails so you never have to remember to send them!

You get all the benefits with none of the hassle and every time people see your gift in their home or office, they will think of you! The Gift Goose will increase your referrals, repeat business and social media love with little or no effort. Remember, it's the thought that counts, not the effort. 🙂


"Get more sales, referrals, repeat business and positive reviews.
Create an experience your customer will tell others about."
- The Gift Goose


The Gift Goose
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